Tidewater Sew-Vac and our factory trained technicians take great pride in servicing your machine.

Below is a checklist all technicians complete, if applicable, with every 24-Point VacuumTune-up performed.

  1. Tighten Handle Grip & Connections
  2. Check Cord Hooks & Cord Reel
  3. Inspect Electrical Cord for Worn Insulation and Loose Male Plugs
  4. Clean Out Bag Chamber
  5. Clean Filter Screen & Diffusers
  6. Inspect Air Flow Components For Structural Integrity
  7. Inspect Seal Integrity
  8. Inspect Motor For Wear & Electrical Soundness
  9. Lube Height Adjustments
  10. Check Airflow Hoses & Chambers For Obstructions
  11. Free Airflow Channels
  12. Clean Belt Pully
  13. Clean & Lube Brush Roll
  14. Replace Belt (Parts Extra)
  15. Clean & Check Rug Plate
  16. Lube Wheels
  17. Inspect Safety Features For Function
  18. Inspect HEPA Filters Where Applicable
  19. Check Light Bulb & Wiring
  20. Check Bumper & Trim For Wear
  21. Vacuum Out Motor Cooling Vents
  22. Deodorize & Freshen Dirt Container
  23. Clean & Polish Exterior
  24. Carpet Test Machine for Function

Manufacturers suggest an annual 24-point Tune-Up to keep your vacuum running like-new for years to come.