Stash Buster Bag


Splash of Color


We all have that big box of scraps that continues to overflow no matter how much you try to stick it in the closet. You know that out of sight out of mind. Well this book is a perfect match to help you get that scrap stash under control.

The patterns are geared towards black and whites with bright pops of color. Suppose you change that theme and use solids with prints of any color. That stash will shrink in no time. In fact these quilts are so easy to make you can pop them out for every occasion. Imagine, learning that you have a baby shower in a week. You start to sweat it aand then remember that you can throw a quilt together just using scraps of baby fabrics from past projects. Perfect, you can get it done with time to spare.

Grab this book and never have to worry about being drowned in scraps again.