Summer Sizzler Pass

Summer Sizzler Pass


Each class is a two hours class. If all classes are taken it will equal a total of 24 hours of hands on instruction.

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There are 12 classes available under the Summer Sizzler Program. You may sign up for any or all of the classes as many times as you wish. You are not limited to your local store and can sign up for class at any store that the class is offered. You must purchase this Summer Sizzler Pass before you can sign up for any of the classes. Note: Supply lists are provided under each available class.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Location Chesapeake, VA Beach-Princess Anne, VA Beach-Kempsville, VA Beach-London Bridge, Portsmouth, Newport News, Norfolk, Suffolk, Williamsburg
Name AJ Eller, Amanda Lightfoot, Audrey Curtis, Beverly Shockley, Caroline Mabry, Cathy Piland, Cecilee Linke, Debbie Strahan, Janet Dillender, Janet Hogge, Karen Klass, Lila Hendricks, Lori Pettitt, Marie Kelley, Mary Carbaugh, Vickie Wickstrom

AJ Eller

Amanda Lightfoot

Audrey Curtis

Beverly Shockley

Caroline Mabry

Cathy Piland

Cecilee Linke

Debbie Strahan

Janet Dillender

Janet Hogge

Karen Klass

Lila Hendricks

Lori Pettitt

Marie Kelley

Mary Carbaugh

Vickie Wickstrom