Famers Wife


Farmers Wife


Celebrate the Spirit and the Quilts of The Farmer's Wife. Do you love the quilts of yesteryear that you found in your grandma's attic?
Are you just waiting for winter to come back so you can pull them out and put them back on your bed? I bet you can still feel the love
she put into each stitch as she sat either by herself or with a group of ladies as she quilted from scraps thaat were left over from such 
things as flower feed sacks to the occasional worn out dress. 
In this book you will not only find patterns for those blocksthat you so dearly loved, but you will find letters from women of the time.
If you love history and the feeling that you should have been born in the 1930's when life was much simpler, but also much harder,
this is the book for you. Grab it now while it's still in stock. With 99 quilt blocks on CD to enjoy, you will have hours of stitching fun!