Brother DreamMaker™ XE VE2200

Brother DreamMaker™ XE VE2200

SKU: VE2200

Wish you had a mid-priced, high-powered embroidery-only machine? Then the new DreamMaker™ XE, with its industry-first features will help make your dreams come true. That's right – for those with a passion to embroider, the ultimate dream machine is here. The expansive 7'' x 12'' embroidery area is one of the largest workspaces available for home embroidery by Brother.


The Droplight™ Embroidery Positioning Marker uses an LED pointer to show the needle drop position with pinpoint accuracy, which is critical for embroidery. With the V-Sonic™ Pen Pal use the sensor pen to automatically place your embroidery pattern by touching the desired center and upper portions on the fabric. For perfect corners and borders, touch two points on the edge line of the pattern's embroidery square field to easily align it. Getting your design just right is easy with pattern rotation by 1 degree – use the LCD touch screen display to change the rotation angle of your design in one degree increments for precise placement. Change the background color of embroidery designs on the LCD touch screen display for editing ease and greater visibility during the preview process. Never worry about messy or unprofessional thread trims with automatic thread cutting. With so many industry-first features and included accessories get ready to enjoy perfection with the DreamMaker™ XE!
Additional Information

Additional Information


Basic Features:

  • LCD Size (Horizontal x Vertical) inches 3.6 x 6.0
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness Settings Yes
  • Stitch Select Touch Panel Screensaver Yes
  • On-Screen Help Yes Built-in Languages Yes
  • Zoom Function Yes On-Screen Editing Yes
  • Lighting LED 10" Lighting Table No
  • Needle Threading System Automatic
  • Independent Bobbin Winding Motor Yes
  • Thread Sensor Upper and Bobbin Thread Sensor On/Off No
  • Automated Upper and Lower Thread Cutting Yes
  • Quick-Set™ Bobbin Yes
  • Work Space (Height & Width) inches 5.0 x 11.25
Built-In Embroidery Stitches
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs (Non-License) 318
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs featuring Disney/Pixar® Characters No
  • Built-in Alphabet Fonts 17
  • Built-in Alphabet Designs No
  • Monogramming Font Styles No
  • Built-in Frame Designs 10 Shapes x 14 Stitch Patterns
Embroidery Features

Embroidery Features:  

  • Maximum Embroidery Area (X x Y) 7" x 12"
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 1,050
  • Adjustable Design Icon Size Setting Yes
  • InnovEye™ Technology No
  • Thread Wiper Yes
  • Resume Function Yes
  • Trial Position/Layout Function Yes
  • Built-in Border Function & Designs Yes
  • Sewing Decorative Stitches with Embroidery Arm Attached No
  • Appliqué Creator Function No
  • Automatic Feed Thread Cutting Yes
  • Curving Text on Screen Editing Yes
  • Space Reduction among Embroidery Alphabets Yes
  • Pattern Rotating 1, 10, or 90 Degrees
  • Drag and Drop Editing Yes
  • Onscreen Automatic Density Adjustment (STB) No
  • My Custom Design™ Feature No
  • Color Shuffling™ Function No
  • Print and Stitch™ Technology No
  • Programmable Monochrome Embroidery Yes
  • USB 1
  • Computer Connectivity with Update Capability Yes
  • Memory Card No
  • Cable
  • USB
Included Feet Included Accessory Feet Droplight™ Embroidery Positioning Marker
Included Accessories
  • Accessory Storage Yes
  • Other Included Accessories :
  • Embroidery Needle Plate Cover,
  • Spool Cap,
  • Bobbin Case For Bobbin Work,
  • Stabilizer Material Included Embroidery Hoops 2 (5" x 7", 7" x 12")

Warranty 2/6/25 year premium warranty. See premium warranty for details.

  • The warranty period is 2 years from the original purchase date for Parts, Labor and accompanying Accessory Items,
  • 6 years from the original purchase date for Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards (replacement labor excluded)
  • and 25 years from the original purchase date for the Chassis Casting.
  • The original purchase date shall be determined from the original receipt evidencing proof of purchase of this Product.
  • Therefore, it is important for you to maintain the receipt for this Product.
Additional Information
  • Machine Dimensions (H x W x D) 22.625'' x 29'' x 23''
  • Machine Weight 48.502 lbs
  • Shipping Weight 61.70 lbs

Optional Accessories:

  • SAECR1 Embroidery Card Reader for Quattro Series and XV Series Connect your embroidery card reader using the build-in USB port on your Quattro™ NV6000D. This Embroidery Card Reader is compatible with the entire library of Brother Embroidery Cards, including licensed content. The simple and easy USB attachment takes seconds to connect and ensures your treasured collection of designs will work beautifully in our new Quattro NV6000D™. 


  • SASEB V-Series Bag Set Includes three fashionable, high quality bags, designed to hold V-Series machines. The rolling luggage bag and soft machine cover are specially designed to fit the VM6200D, VQ3000 and VE2200 machines. The third bag is designed to hold either the embroidery arm included with the VM6200D and the VE2200, or the wide extension table included with the VQ3000. (Wide Extension Table available for additional purchase for the VM6200D).