Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ ~ Vacuum

Q: What brands of vacuum cleaners and carpet care equipment do you service?

A: We service most makes and models of vacuum cleaners and carpet care products. We are also the authorized service locations for over twenty different manufacturers.

Q: My vacuum doesn't seem to pick up as well as it once did, why has it changed?

A: There are several things that help you to get peak performance from your home cleaning equipment. First while running your vacuum, do you feel a good vibration? If not you may need to have your belt replaced. Also the bristles on your brush roll will have normal wear, similar to a toothbrush. The brush roll may need to be replaced to get the best cleaning possible. Small clogs can also reduce the cleaning level. At Tidewater Sew-Vac we are happy to do a free review of your system to help insure it is giving you the best cleaning possible.


FAQ ~ Sewing & Sewing Machines

Q: Do I have to know how to sew before coming to class?

A: No, we offer many classes for new sewers. From garment making to embroidery and quilting we can help start you on a journey of enjoying the sewing and crafting arts. As your skills and passion grow you can continue your education with additional intermediate and advanced level classes.

Q: My thread keeps breaking, what am I doing wrong?

A: You may not be doing anything wrong, but if your thread continues to break we need to pinpoint the cause. Be sure to replace your needle with a new needle. Often this will fix most breaking issues. A good guide to follow is to change the needle after every 8 hours of sewing or with every new project. Needles become dull with use. Be sure your machine settings are correct for the stitch and fabric you are working with. Keeping your machine free of lint build up is also very important. Yearly service is suggested to reduce lint and fiber build up in your needle bar, and bobbin case area. Once you have replaced your needle, rethread the upper thread. Also rethread your bobbin area. Sometimes your thread will have a "backlash effect" and come out of the thread guides causing a poor stitch out or your thread to break.