Maytag 2 Speed M500

Maytag 2 Speed M500

SKU: M500

The lightweight M500 from Maytag works hard to get the job done. At just 9 pounds, it packs a powerful cleaning punch and is convenient enough to move up and down stairs or room to room with ease.


  • Just 9 pounds of pure cleaning power
  • Two speed settings for carpets and floors available at the touch of a button
  • Concentrated suction power plus finely-tuned agitation cleans and rejuvenates carpets
  • Pet Hair Purr-fect cleaning performance easily picks up pet hair and dander
  • Self-sealing, advanced-filtration bag system locks in even microscopic dust particles for maximum cleaning performance and poof-proof bag disposal
  • Protective rubber wheels won’t scratch bare floors
  • Generous 30-foot cord for hassle-free cleaning
  • Assembled in the USA
Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Lightweight 9 pounds
  • 5.5 amp motor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Advanced-filtration, self-sealing, poof-proof bag system
  • Rubber wheels
  • Xenon headlight
  • Metal handle tube
  • 30-foot cord length D
  • eluxe touch handle grip
  • Squeegee for bare floor cleaning
  • Lays down flat
  • Assembled in the USA
Bags & Filtration
  • Genuine HEPA Media Vacuum Bags: M5H-6
  • Genuine Vacuum Belts: M5B-2

What is Covered:

  • This warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship in your new Maytag™ vacuum and applies exclusively to the original purchaser.

How Long Coverage Lasts:

  • Warranty coverage for your vacuum lasts three years.
  • Household models used commercially are only warranted for 90 days.

What is Not Covered:

  • Damage to the vacuum which occurs from neglect, abuse, alterations, accident, misuse or improper maintenance.
  • Normal replacement items: disposable bags and belts.
Additional Information

For Best Performance:

  • Keep your vacuum clean and in good operating condition.
  • Change vacuum bags once a month or when the bags are 2/3 full to maximize cleaning performance.
  • Always use genuine Maytag™ vacuum bags and replacement parts. Use of other products may result in poor cleaning performance, potential vacuum cleaner damage and may void vacuum warranty. Genuine products are designed for maximum cleaning performance.
  • Have your vacuum checked annually by your Authorized Maytag Vacuum Service Center.
  • Store your vacuum carefully in a dry area.
  • For optimum cleaning performance and safety, follow your owner’s manual instructions.