Sewing Machine Performance Tips

  • Keep your machine covered when not using it.  Household dust, lint and pet hair can enter your machine in one of it's many openings causing all types of problems.

  • Keep your machine away from direct sunlight, high/low temperatures and humidity.

  • Use the right needle for your project and change your needle every 3 to 4 hours of sewing or after every other project.  The needle is the major culprit for most sewing problems.

  • Use good quality thread.

  • Use bobbins made specifically for your machine and make sure your bobbin thread is wound tight and no loose threads are hanging.

  • DO NOT SEW OVER PINS!  Your needle may break, you could damage the hook or pieces of the needle could fly up into your face.

  • Do not use canned air on your machine or blow into your machine.  The lint is just being pushed further into the machine and you are spraying moisture into your machine which can cause corrosion or damage your circuit boards

  • Clean the bobbin area frequently.  Refer to manual for instructions.

  • Have a 24 Point Inspection completed, at a qualified repair center, on your sewing machine once a year to keep it performing like new for years to come.