Sewing Machine Service & Repair

Bring your sewing machine to us at Tidewater Sew-Vac if it’s broken or just isn’t performing well. Even if your machine is an off-brand or an older model, bring it to us and we will service or repair it if necessary.  We perform service and repair on all kinds of sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines, and quilting machines. We can help you fix any of the following issues and more:

  • Bobbin Problems
  • Needle Issues
  • Fabric Not Feeding Properly
  • Machine Not Running
  • Machine Stops While Running
  • Machine Making Odd Noises
  • Thread Breaking
  • Thread Bunching or Bird-Nesting

If you are experiencing any of these common problems with your sewing machine, bring it to us at Tidewater Sew-Vac to have it serviced or repaired. We also offer training and classes to help you learn how to use your machine and avoid common sewing issues.

Brands We Service

Tidewater Sew-Vac will service and repair all major sewing machine brands like Brother, Babylock, Janome, Elna, Singer, Artistic, Melco, Viking, Pfaff, ConSew, Simplicity, & more!

Sewing Machine Service

When a service is what you need, we offer a quick turnaround. If your sewing machine isn’t performing up to par or with “like new” quality, bring it to us at Tidewater Sew-Vac and we will take a look. Many times all that is needed is cleaning and service to get your machine up and running again.

Sewing Machine Repair

When your sewing machine has broken or worn parts and needs repair, we offer quick and free estimates on parts and labor.  Our Service and repair experts will use the right parts to fix and repair all major brands.

The Tidewater Service Area

We service and repair sewing machines in the Tidewater and the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia area. Tidewater Sew-Vac has stores serving the Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach (Great Neck) and Virginia Beach (Kempsville), and Newport News communities. Come and see us today!

Ask Us

Sometimes all you need is someone to help make a decision or answer a few questions. We love to talk shop and are always willing to be of any help to you, our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone, or just drop by one of our stores. We look forward to serving you.

Ask About Our 24 Point Tune-Up

Tidewater Sew-Vac and our factory trained technicians take great pride in servicing your machine.

Below is a checklist all technicians complete, if applicable, with every 24-Point Sewing Machine Tune-up performed.

  1. Check Bobbin Winder Mechanism
  2. Inspect Cam Followers & Spacers
  3. Clean Take-Up Lever
  4. Clean & Lube - Pendulum Swing Mechanism
  5. Check Spool Pins, Felts & Caps
  6. Adjust Needle Bar Height
  7. Check Light Bulb
  8. Acuate All Levers & Knobs
  9. Deburr Needle Plate
  10. Polish Hook
  11. Check Timing (Hook & Feed)
  12. Inspect Feed Dogs & Adjust
  13. Clean Bobbin Case
  14. Adjust Bobbin Case Positioner Bracket
  15. Inspect Gears
  16. Check Linkage Bearings & Sleeves
  17. Test Motor Blocks and Pivot Connections
  18. Adjust Motor Belt & Inspect
  19. Check Timing Belt for Wear
  20. Test Tension Knobs & Springs For Torque
  21. Electrical Cords Inspection
  22. Inspect Foot Control Wear
  23. Clean Exterior & Polish
  24. Test Sew On Demo Fabric