Vacuum Cleaner Service & Repair

Bring your vacuum to Tidewater Sew-Vac when your vacuum cleaner loses suction or just isn’t performing well. Don’t worry if your vacuum is an off-brand, or whether it’s a cordless, upright, canister or another type. We service and repair all types and models. Our expert service and repair staff will fix the following vacuum issues and more:

  • Weak Suction
  • Clogged or worn roller brush
  • Broken wheels
  • No electric power
  • Broken belt
  • Clogged or split hose
  • Making weird noises
  • Stinky smell (burned motor)
  • Stinky smell (other)
  • Damaged electrical cord, wire or plug
  • Broken joints (upright vacuum won’t stay upright)

So if you are experiencing any of these common problems with your vacuum, bring it to us at Tidewater Sew-Vac to have it serviced or repaired.

Vacuum Brands We Repair

We service and repair all major vacuum cleaner brands like Dyson, Shark, Oreck, Kirby, Hoover Dirt Devil, Maytag, Miele, Eureka, Simplicity, Royal, Riccar, Sebo, Kenmore & more!

Vacuum Cleaner Service

When a service is what you need, we offer a quick turnaround. If your vacuum isn’t performing up to par or with “like new” quality, bring it to us at Tidewater Sew-Vac and we will take a look. Many times all that is needed is cleaning and service to get your vacuum up and running again.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

When your vacuum needs repair, we offer quick and free estimates on parts and labor to restore it to full functionality.  We have the know-how to find the right parts to fix and repair all major brands. Tidewater also performs repair and service for central vacuum systems. Call for an estimate today!

The Tidewater Service Area

We service vacuums and equipment in the Tidewater and the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia area. Tidewater Sew-Vac has stores serving the Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach (Great Neck) and Virginia Beach (Kempsville), and Newport News communities. Come and see us today!

Ask Us

Sometimes all you need is someone to help make a decision or answer a few questions. We love to talk shop and are always willing to be of any help to our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone, or just drop by one of our stores. We look forward to serving you.

Ask About Our 24 Point Tune-Up

Tidewater Sew-Vac and our factory trained technicians take great pride in servicing your machine.

Below is a checklist all technicians complete, if applicable, with every 24-Point VacuumTune-up performed.

  1. Tighten Handle Grip & Connections
  2. Check Cord Hooks & Cord Reel
  3. Inspect Electrical Cord for Worn Insulation and Loose Male Plugs
  4. Clean Out Bag Chamber
  5. Clean Filter Screen & Diffusers
  6. Inspect Air Flow Components For Structural Integrity
  7. Inspect Seal Integrity
  8. Inspect Motor For Wear & Electrical Soundness
  9. Lube Height Adjustments
  10. Check Airflow Hoses & Chambers For Obstructions
  11. Free Airflow Channels
  12. Clean Belt Pully
  13. Clean & Lube Brush Roll
  14. Replace Belt (Parts Extra)
  15. Clean & Check Rug Plate
  16. Lube Wheels
  17. Inspect Safety Features For Function
  18. Inspect HEPA Filters Where Applicable
  19. Check Light Bulb & Wiring
  20. Check Bumper & Trim For Wear
  21. Vacuum Out Motor Cooling Vents
  22. Deodorize & Freshen Dirt Container
  23. Clean & Polish Exterior
  24. Carpet Test Machine for Function

Manufacturers suggest an annual 24-point Tune-Up to keep your vacuum running like-new for years to come.